Glass Furniture Care Instructions

What is the best way to clean glass furniture?How do I clean glass tables?

Step 1
Always handle glass furniture with care. Glass is breakable, but when it is a coffee table or side table, guests won’t think twice about setting a coffee mug or their keys on it. Provide cork coasters to keep tables from scratching and use decorative place mats under your vases or other ornamental items. 

Step 2
Clean your glass table with non-caustic solutions only. A mild detergent, mixed with warm water is often enough, but if you need more cleaning power, add a small amount of ammonia to the solution. 

Step 3
Buff with a soft clean cloth. Brushed cotton is fine, but the new micro-suede fabrics are even better. Make sure your cloth is clean each time you dry your table to prevent scratching. 

Step 4 
You can repair broken or chipped glass with clear epoxy. Align the edges carefully when applying the adhesive and use clear strapping tape to hold the edges together until the epoxy sets. Allow 72 hours before taking the tape off. After repair, keep the glass furniture out of sunlight to prevent the adhesive from yellowing. 

Step 5 
Fill a spray bottle with an environmentally-friendly combination of baking soda in warm water and add some white vinegar to make a quick grime remover for many glass tables. You can spray it on and let it soak if you need to for loosening stuck-on gunk.

We hope this has helped keep / maintain your glass furniture looking like new